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SAJT Co. Ltd. aspires to be a long term partner able to introduce new products and technologies and to help spreading valuable know-how around the Kingdom. Technological transfer is a key point to improve the local industrial capabilities and final users' satisfaction.

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About SAJT

SAJT Co. Ltd. was created in 2008 with a clear purpose: to become a platform for Saudi private, governmental and industrial customers, a hub where high-end products and state-of-the art technology are available through strong partnerships with European companies.


The main added value for the customer is the accessibility to exclusive products and services, made possible by an effective communication with our partners to guarantee on-time and on-budget goals achievement. On the other side, the latest tendencies are customized to fit the Saudi tastes, needs, preferences and traditions.


The industrial structure in the Kingdom is changing. New local capabilities are being installed to create an economy based more and more on knowledge.


SAJT Co. Ltd. is able to introduce unique capabilities thanks to its strong partnership with leading companies in the fields of defense, aviation, construction, energy and food industry. The scope of the services range from product imports to technology transfer for local use.


SAJT has signed a licensing deal with insect feed pioneer AgriProtein to host the first fly farm in the Middle East. The agreement between Saudi technology hub Sajt and South African AgriProtein signals the start of commercial scale production of insect based animal feed in the region.
Sajt will use AgriProtein’s factory blueprint to build the first of three fly farms in Saudi Arabia, boosting food security. Read more...


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